Young’s Fine Wine Pairs with BREEF’s Coral Restoration Efforts

Coral reefs are under threat around the world and Young’s Fine Wine, has partnered with BREEF to protect them in The Bahamas. Part proceeds of every bottle of Murphy Goode and Gulfstream wine sold at Young’s support BREEF’s coral conservation efforts. William Young presented BREEF Executive Director Casuarina McKinney with a cheque for $13,275 for coral conservation and restoration. 

Jackson Family Wines, the producers of Murphy Goode Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc have a long commitment to sustainability throughout the wine production process. Young’s Fine Wine, the local distributors, are matching and raising the support locally and showcasing their commitment to protecting the nature that surrounds the islands and makes The Bahamas so special.

“When Jackson Family Wines approached us and inquired about a way to contribute to a sustainability project in The Bahamas, we immediately thought of BREEF” says William Young, President of Young’s Fine Wine. “We have always been inspired by the work BREEF does and are thrilled to have formed a beneficial partnership combining two things we are really passionate about: great wine and supporting the environment.”

BREEF Executive Director Casuarina McKinney-Lambert speaks of the collaboration: “Special thanks to Young’s Fine Wine, Jacksons Family Wines, and all the customers who are purchasing bottles of Murphy Goode and Gulfstream, knowing that every bottle supports BREEF’s coral conservation work. Please do continue to enjoy, knowing that your glass is helping our ocean! Our coral reefs protect us from hurricanes, but they are also vulnerable to the impacts of wave energy toppling coral heads over, sedimentation, and damage from debris and pollution washed into the ocean from land. Coral reefs protect us, but they need all the help they can get.” 

Coral reefs are particularly important in The Bahamas for the role that they play in protecting our islands from hurricanes; they are able to break wave energy by 90% and in this way protect the shorelines behind them. In addition, they have huge value as hubs for biodiversity, fisheries, and tourism.  

BREEF is growing endangered Staghorn coral at coral nurseries in New Providence and with Kamalame Cay at the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Andros. Once the corals are large enough, the restoration team out-plants these corals to restore adjacent reefs. BREEF is part of the Reef Rescue Network that works to restore coral reefs in the Bahamas and neighbouring countries.