A Growing Love for the Environment: Kaitlyn Archer’s Story

From the moment I became involved with BREEF, it has been an enlightening experience. It all began in November 2019, when I learned about the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programme through my Eco-School Club at St. Anne’s School. Both the Eco-school Bahamas and YRE programmes provide great opportunities for young people to learn about the need for environmental sustainability and practical measures we could adopt to make a positive difference.

My enthusiasm for the environment led me to register for the YRE national competition. I wanted to gain greater insight on issues such as global warming, ocean pollution and conservation.

Shortly after registering, my schoolmates and I attended the YRE seminar. There, we were exposed to many different forms of media as well as the tools needed to start creating our competition entries. The presentations were not only informative but engaging. The seminar also allowed us to further develop our interpersonal skills as it fostered communication and collaboration with other competitors throughout the island. We were given the opportunity to hear from persons who shared similar passions for the well-being of our planet.

Kaitlyn and team at the YRE workshop (February 8th, 2020).

That experience was only the beginning of something exciting and new. BREEF then granted my friends and I, an experience we could not pass up – a chance to explore the mesmerizing BREEF Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden. There, we got to experience unique fish species and marine animals up close. The thrill of this experience compelled me to accept another invitation when the opportunity arose. 

On PADI Women’s Dive Day (July 18th, 2020), BREEF afforded me the privilege of snorkeling their underwater sculpture garden for a second time. I felt extremely honoured to be in attendance and embraced by qualified women in science.

Kaitlyn being interviewed by Crystal Darling from ZNS on PADI Women’s Dive Day.
Mermaid model, Linzi Belton-Knowles

Through YRE’s extensive platform, my peers and I have definitely gained an acute awareness of protecting our ecosystems and the species in our native land. I have learnt so much from BREEF – from the significance of the Coral Reef Sculpture Garden to the ways I can help promote sustainability and conservation of our environment.  These experiences opened new doors for me, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in BREEF events. I am also appreciative of BREEF’s employees who continue to allow me to spend time with the organization. 

I call on anyone that has a passion for our environment to partner with BREEF. It just might be the place that allows you to fulfill your desire to care for our environment.

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