2020 Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) National Competition Entry: Tony Gardiner, St.Anne’s School-Nassau, Bahamas

In The Bahamas there are numerous locations like this one that are stocked with waste. The trash’s effect on plants can be contamination, growth restriction and inhibition of nutrient uptake, all which causes stunted growth and eventual death of the plant.

Plants are very important to our ecosystems. They provide us with for food, oxygen and medicine. A decrease in the amount of plants in our country will have a negative effect on our environment.

We can avoid a decline in plants by having set days for everyone to help clean up areas where there are a lot of plants. These days can be named ‘pick up and go.’ We can also set laws on littering no matter the place. Finally, we must teach the younger generation the value of sustainable practices like planting trees, using reusable water bottles, having beach clean ups and more.

As a nation we all should come together and fight to keep our Bahama land clean GREEN and pristine for future generations. 

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