BREEF Hosts First Virtual Eco-Schools Bahamas Workshop

Eco-Schools Bahamas students exploring BREEF’s Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Gardens 

Under the theme “Lessons from Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19: Building a resilient Eco-Schools Bahamas Programme,” the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) held its annual and first ever Virtual Eco-Schools Bahamas Coordinators Workshop. The Eco-Schools Bahamas Programme is part of Eco-Schools Global which is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world supporting student environmental leaders in 68 countries. During her opening remarks Laura Hickey, FEE Eco-Schools Director said, “Our common goals and interests are to prepare young people to develop the academic, social, and environmental knowledge and personal skills they need to be successful, fulfilled, and able to live in a sustainable world that they help build.”

The three-day workshop hosted participants from the USA, Abaco, Cat Island, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Exuma, Long Island and New Providence who examined current challenges facing environmental education. Participants explored strategies to promote healthy oceans and actions to combat climate change.

The workshop featured a wide range of speakers including Mrs. Rochelle Newbold, Director of the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection, Nikita Shiel-Rolle, CEO of Cat Island Conservation Institute and Young Marine Explorers, Dr. Ancilleno Davis, CEO of Science and Perspective, Cha Boyce, Executive Director of Friends of the Environment and Environmental Journalists at ZNS, Julian Reid and Crystal Darling . Presenters discussed topics ranging from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to environmental education in a climate crisis and COVID-19 reality. Workshop participants also shared personal stories about their own personal and professional lessons learned from Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19.

Commenting on the guest presentation by Mrs. Rochelle Newbold, Director of the Department of +Environmental Planning and Protection, Eco-Schools Bahamas Steering Committee member Samantha Cartwright said, “The Director’s presentation was insightful and her advice to Eco-School students and their facilitators to continue to take action no matter how small the effort is was a great take home message. The presentation has helped all of us to understand the connection of how the SDGs help provide insight into the key question: Are we moving in the right direction? And if not, what needs to change now so that we are on a better path as we head to 2030?”

Attendees were encouraged to use outdoor spaces around their homes and school grounds for teaching and learning as studies have shown its vast benefits. BREEF’s virtual presentations were also highlighted as helpful tools that educators can use to continue education in these challenging times. In addition to celebrating the achievements of Eco-Schools Bahamas during 2019 -2020, participants networked to strengthen the growth and impact of Eco-Schools in The Bahamas. BREEF is extremely grateful for the commitment of Eco-Schools Bahamas benefactors, coordinators, partners and volunteers who remain resolute in inspiring future generations of environmental stewards.

Eleuthera’s Harbour Island Green School utilizing outdoor classroom spaces on their campus

Kevin Glinton, BREEF’s Education Coordinator and Eco-Schools Bahamas National Operator stated, “Children are very resilient. I am gratified by the participation of Educators and participants from several islands. And I am confident that our dedicated Eco-Schools Bahamas coordinators will continue to inspire them toward environmental actions in spite of Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19.”

According to Casuarina McKinney-Lambert, BREEF’s Executive Director, “The Bahamas belongs to our children and Eco-Schools gives them the tools and the global reach to protect it.”

Having completed a year- long pilot programme, BREEF also rolled out its new Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Programme with the support of the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme. The Young Reporters for the Environment Programme is also sponsored by the Foundation for Environmental Education and managed in The Bahamas by BREEF.

BREEF is grateful to Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Initiative for their support of the Eco-schools Bahamas programme.

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