Bahamian film wins Atlanta Children’s Film Festival Award for short-film on danger of oil exploration and climate change

The passionate voices of Bahamian youth were documented in a short-film written by Eleutheran Deep Creek Middle School students, Taryn McKinney-Lambert and Keion Sands and produced by the well acclaimed filmmaker Kareem Mortimer.

Tayrn (L) and Keion (R) bring in a boat to shore

The two students wrote and narrated the short film, “My Island, My Future” that illustrates how The Bahamas depends on its oceans for survival. The film won first place in the Best Youth Short Documentary category. 

The story surrounds a call to action made by ten-year-old Taryn in a letter to then Prime Minister, Hubert Minnis asking him to hold off on any future oil drilling in the country. 

“I saw that we were starting to do oil drilling in The Bahamas and that is not a good idea. If a spill were to happen, which it will, that would just destroy everything” she said.

Keion Sands, age twelve spoke about the delicate marine eco-systems which would be directly impacted if an oil drilling accident occurs. 

“We need to protect mangroves and coral reefs because they protect us from the waves,” he explained. 

Tayrn (L) Finley (center) and Keion (R) walk through Eleuthera mangroves

In the film, aerial shots of the island of Eleuthera, showcasing its lush greenery and coastal areas play over the voices of the two young environmental advocates. Shots of the narrators and other children interacting with the marine environment were also featured. 

Producer Kareem Mortimer says after the students approached him, he jumped at the opportunity to assist them with the passion project. 

“I am happy to support the next generation of filmmakers and storytellers, and people with something to say in the best way I can. 

“All the credit is deserving to young filmmakers that wanted to tell their story.” Mortimer continued, 

“It’s great that they are able to be recognized at a film festival where people may have never been to The Bahamas before.” 

Sailing vessels in waters near Eleuthera

The film was endorsed by Our Islands, Our Future, a coalition of local and international organizations that was established to support Bahamians who are passionate about protecting their heritage and their livelihoods from oil drilling, and who are calling for a permanent ban on oil drilling in The Bahamas. 

The film can be viewed here: My Island My Future


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    angela darville says

    i think this is really wonderful. well done taryn and keon and thanks to the excellent kareem Mortimer for helping them. Eleuthera is developing very rapidly and it is of the utmost importance that we try to conserve as much as possible as well as avoid these nightmare scenarios!

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