BREEF’s Earth Week: Empowering Youth for Conservation

Throughout Earth Week, BREEF dedicated its efforts to engaging youth in environmental stewardship through a series of impactful initiatives. The team embarked on a journey across various school expos in New Providence, including St Andrew’s International School’s Sustainability Eco Fair, Adelaide Primary’s Career Fair, and L. W. Young’s Environmental Expo. Here, they passionately educated students on the critical importance of conservation and sustainability, sparking inspiration and awareness among the younger generation.

BREEF BESS intern Christopher Clarke teaches students at L.W. Young about sustainability

In addition to these local endeavors, BREEF ventured to Grand Bahama to attend a Clinton Global Initiative event, where they not only spread their message beyond the capital but also networked with other environmental NGOs, fostering collaboration and collective action. Furthermore, the team actively participated in the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection STEM Career Fair, engaging in meaningful conversations with numerous senior high school students who shared their enthusiasm for sustainability in STEM fields.

BREEF’s dedication to spreading awareness extended to the airwaves, as they were featured on Guardian Radio’s Morning Blend Earth Week Series. During the segment, the team delved into the crucial topic of fisheries regulations in the Bahamas, emphasizing the significance of sustainable practices for the nation’s future.

BREEF Outreach Officer Heather Brockbank is a featured guest on Guardian Radio Earth Week Series with Morning Blend host, Dwight Strachan

The culmination of Earth Week was marked by a beach cleanup and fun day at Saunders Beach, where participants not only contributed to environmental restoration efforts but also gained valuable insights into coastal degradation, invasive species, and local fisheries regulations. Through engaging games and camaraderie, BREEF fostered a sense of community and empowerment among attendees, highlighting the importance of hands-on experiences in environmental education.

Waterkeepers Bahamas’ Youth Environmental Ambassadors participate in BREEF Earth Day Beach Cleanup & Fun Day

By empowering youth with knowledge and fostering meaningful experiences, BREEF continues to lead the charge in promoting the conservation of the Bahamian marine environment, recognizing its pivotal role in sustaining our way of life now and for generations to come.

Earth Week Expos & Eco-Fairs

BREEF Earth Day 2024 Beach Cleanup & Fun Day

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