It is Spiny Lobster Closed Season once again! This means that  during the period of April 1st through July 31st  it is an offence for persons to take, capture, have in possession, kill or offer for sale any fresh or live crawfish.

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster, commonly known to Bahamians as crawfish, is the largest fishery, and an important contributor to the economy. It provides many fishers, seafood vendors, processors and exporters with income, and is a popular delicacy for Bahamians and visitors alike which is why it is important that we protect the populations of this species.

The closed season for the spiny lobster corresponds with peak breeding times for crawfish species. Harvesting crawfish during this time reduces the reproductive capacity of the species. In order to uphold Spiny lobster populations we ask you to join BREEF and support the closed season by choosing a different dish!


For more information on fisheries regulations please visit  Here  or download the Fishrules app for all Bahamian fisheries regulations.