Casuarina McKinney-Lambert

Casuarina was born and raised in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas. She has a strong passion for protecting the marine environment and sustaining the communities that depend on our waters. She completed the International Baccalaureate at the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales and graduated with a degree in Marine Biology and Environmental Policy from Duke University. Casuarina studied mangrove creeks and wetlands throughout The Bahamas, and taught science and coordinated student research at the Cape Eleuthera Island School before joining BREEF.

Casuarina was a founding board member of the One Eleuthera Foundation and the Bahamas Protected Areas Fund, and she is a member of the National Biodiversity Committee, the National Climate Change Committee and the Fisheries Advisory Board. Casuarina has served on several Town Planning urban development boards and is a member of the Bahamas SDG Technical Committee for Environmental Sustainability. Casuarina has represented The Bahamas at numerous regional and international conferences.

While happy on land, Casuarina is most at home underwater. She is a Divemaster and an avid sailor with a history of exploring the most remote and pristine islands and reefs in very small boats.

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Nadia Pinder-Morris

Nadia’s focus at BREEF is strictly administrative, but her passion lies in all things Science. Having majored in Biology, she tutors Junior High students in all the sciences on the weekend.  She is excited about working with BREEF as she realizes the importance of preserving our environment for future generations.

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Kevin Glinton

Kevin M. Glinton is an experienced Science Educator and Allied Health Professional with a profound respect for the natural environment and an enduring curiosity about life. He remains “a teacher at heart,” and continues to encourage the importance of preserving our Bahamian way of life by developing a healthy respect for each other and the precious Bahamian environment we have been entrusted with. Kevin joined BREEF in April 2018.

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Heather Brockbank

Heather Brockbank is a former BESS Scholar and passionate ocean advocate. She is the contributing editor for an international youth conservation magazine named OH-Wake, and has continued her journey of activism and educating others about the marine environment here at BREEF. She started at BREEF in 2022 after her BESS internship.

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Crystal Darling-Sargent

Crystal is committed to sharing the message of marine conservation in The Bahamas and beyond. In her journalism career, she has authored numerous stories emphasising the significance of sustainability. Her dedication extends to spearheading initiatives at BREEF, such as the Young Reporters for the Environment Programme.

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