BREEF is working to support teachers and students with distance learning by offering live presentations on key topics such as coral reefs, mangroves and fish identification. BREEF is grateful for the support of Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Initiative, The Vibrant Oceans Initiative, The Lyford Cay Foundations, and The British High Commission.

Our Blue Bahamas

Experience an overview of ecosystems and special features of The Bahamas.

Mangrove Wetlands

Discover the four types of mangroves found in the Bahamas and their importance. Take a virtual snorkel at Bonefish Pond National Park and identify species found there.

Diving into the BREEF Coral Reef Sculpture Garden

During your experience, you will learn about coral reef ecosystem benefits and threats, learn how to identify corals and fish and discover the history behind the Coral Reef Sculpture Garden by the organization who created it!

Coral Reefs: Rainforests of the Sea

Get a detailed study of coral reefs in The Bahamas and learn why they are essential to our survival and how they are under threat.

Exploring Our Rocky Shores

This virtual experience provides students with the opportunity to learn about rocky shores and investigate the various zones and adaptations of several organisms to this unique ecosystem.

Virtual Fish Identification and Survey Training

Learn how to identify and count a wide array of fish; get your feet wet on a virtual fish survey and learn how collected data can illustrate reef health.

Bahamas Environmental Steward Scholars (BESS) Programme

Experience a day in the life of a BESS Scholar, discover the amazing opportunities of this unique hands-on gap year with a BREEF internship and a semester at the Cape Eleuthera Island School. Learn how to apply for BESS.

Eco-Schools Bahamas programme

Learn about this student-driven, internationally recognized environmental education programme. Learn how to earn a GREEN FLAG and conserve the environment in your school and throughout your community.

Young Reporters for the Environment programme

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a reporter? To shine a light on issues that impact the world? The Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programme empowers young people to do just that! Learn how you or a student you know can take a stand on environmental issues they feel strongly about!


Parrotfish and Healthy Reefs

Become familiar with all of the very colorful and critically important parrotfish. Learn why we should never catch or eat parrotfish and test your knowledge with a fish ID quiz.

Plastic Pollution and Solutions

Study the history and impacts of plastic and plastic pollution. Learn why we should refuse single-use plastics and instead make more sustainable choices. You can make a difference and become a plastic-free ambassador for The Bahamas.

Virtual Coral Reef Field Trip

BREEF’s original virtual dive to discover the reefs of the Bahamas that comes with a downloadable interactive activity booklet including reef bingo and coral polyp building.

Climate Change

Gain an understanding of how climate changes over time and how that can impact our low-lying archipelago. Learn how ‘Conservation Makes Cents’ and get tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Invasive Species-Lionfish

Discover how Lionfish invaded the Caribbean and how they harm our key species and our reefs. Learn about this voracious, venomous but delicious predator and observe a Lionfish dissection.

Conserving Our Queen Conch in The Bahamas

Identify and distinguish juvenile from mature Queen Conch. Learn about the life cycle of this beloved species and what research has been conducted by students and scientists throughout the Bahamas to preserve conch.

Key Species

Get an overview of the life cycles of Spiny Lobster, Nassau Grouper, Queen Conch, and Land Crabs.

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