Coral reefs have the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet—even more than a tropical rainforest. Occupying less than one percent of the ocean floor, coral reefs are home to more than 25% of marine life. Coral reefs provide protection from storms, and generate income for tourism and fisheries.  The Bahamas is home to 35% of all coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Coral Reefs are under threat from human impacts such as climate change, pollution, invasive species, coastal development and overfishing. 80% of live corals have died in the last 50 years. BREEF works to protect coral reefs through restoration, education and by influencing policy.

BREEF created the Coral Reef Sculpture Garden to draw attention to the threats facing our coral reefs, and to drive action to protect them. BREEF has created coral nurseries at the Coral Reef Sculpture Gardens and on the Andros Great Barrier Reef. At these coral nurseries, we are growing the endangered species, Staghorn coral.

BREEF is proud to be a part of the Reef Rescue Network in The Bahamas.

Join us! Help rebuild our reefs by adopting a coral or become certified as a PADI Reef Rescue Diver!